What is TOS Mobile Tracker App? How Can We Find our Kids?

What is TOS Mobile Tracker App? How Can We Find our Kids?

TheOneSpy aka TOS is a cell phone tracking app that is designed for parents to keep an eye on kids’ digital behavior. The high-tech mobile tracker app helps to ensure kids’ protection in the real and digital world. It keeps parents informed of their kids’ whereabouts by tracking GPS location of their phones. Read on to know more about the kids monitoring software and how it helps to find out a missing child.

An Overview of TOS Mobile Tracker App

TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced mobile phone monitoring apps enabling user to track an android device without access. The app is intended for parents to keep tabs on online and offline activities of children. It lets parents know where their children are and what they are doing, speaking or watching on digital devices. The app helps to protect children from kidnapping, child predation, bullying and several other potential dangers of the real and cyber world.  

How Does It Work

The parental control app works with secrecy and great accuracy. You can track your kids’ phones without letting them know or accessing their devices. Once you install it on your kid’s android phone, it keeps you updated about almost every single digital activity of your child. You can control the app via the web portal or the online control panel of TOS. The app gets access to specific information saved on the phone and uploads to the online portal. Parents can access the data by signing into the web portal of the app through any digital device.

How to Keep an Eye on Kids’ Whereabouts with App

The mobile tracker app offers a wide range of features that also include GPS location finding. If you are monitoring your kid’s android phone, you can stay updated about their whereabouts. The location finder app lets you know where your child is at the moment. You can track them to schools and playgrounds to ensure they reach the destination safely. If you are a working parent, the location finding feature of the app enables you to stay virtually present around your kids and to supervise their outdoor visits from anywhere and anytime. Read on to know how the surveillance app helps to supervise kids remaining anywhere in the world.

Find GPS Location

If you want to know where your kid is at the moment, you can log into the online portal of TOS to see the current GPS location of your kid’s monitored phone. The app syncs the GPS location of the target phone and uploads to the web portal. Parents can log into the online portal on personal mobile phone and can see the location detail of kid’s phone. It enables them to find out if their kids have reached school or they are on their way.

Get Detail of Outside Tours

As well as showing the current location, the spy software also provides detail of all tours made by your children. You can find out what places they have visited and what routes they picked up to reach their destinations. It helps to prevent kids from visiting unsafe routes and locations.

Mark Boundaries around Kids

The cell phone surveillance app also helps to mark boundaries around children for their security. If you are concerned about your kid’s visit to unsafe areas, you can mark all forbidden locations on the online control panel. The app alerts you if your kid enters the marked location. The geo-fencing also enables parents to closely watch out their kids’ outdoor visits. They can receive alerts when their kids reach or leave particular locations.

Monitor Surroundings

The high-tech surveillance app also lets you monitor surroundings of your child. You can remote control camera and microphone of their monitored android devices to see and capture actions performed in the vicinity of the phone. For example, if you want to know why your kid has not arrived home so far, you can turn on camera of his smartphone through the online control panel to identify his surroundings. This feature also helps to monitor unsupervised parties and outdoor activities of teens. You can get their actions and conversations recorded by remote controlling their digital devices.


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