The Best Android Games You Can Play Offline

The Best Android Games You Can Play Offline

What do you seek for the most when you are hamstrung by limited access to the internet? I am assuming just like me, you seek games, offline games, for killing the time. Here are top offline android & IOS games for you to play when your internet connection is out of your phone’s reach. 

  1. Bleach Brave Souls 

This game has been released recently on July 8 and till then it has received over 50 million downloads worldwide. This is one of the first Smartphone 3D game based on the mega-hit Manga and anime ‘Bleach’. It has stunning 3D graphics and simple controls that make for steady stream and fast-paced action. If you are up for some action, Bleach is one offline game for your mobile you wouldn’t want to miss. 

  1. Cover Fire 

Gamers consider ‘Cover Fire’ as one of the best sniper game available offline. This offline game is about pure shooting. It is loaded with amazing graphics and realistic music. It also let you experience smooth gameplay. If you get thrilled by shooting games, then this is the best offline game for you. Now, go and rule the battlefield!! 

  1. Monument Valley 

Do you want to dive into a surreal experience exploring unique monuments and uncovering mysterious paths along the way? If your answer is ‘Yes’, you have to undertake a journey to Mountain valley. Your role would be to guide the main protagonist, silent Ida and help her move through mazes of optical illusions. What makes this game stands out from the rest? It stuns with you with serenity. So, in case you are tired of scrolling down your virtual game store for a visually soothing offline game, it’s time for you to give Monument valley a try!! 

Bonus trivia: Did you know Monument Valley is actually a region of the Colorado Plateau? 

  1. Alto’s Odyssey 

Alto’s Odyssey received the best Apple Design Award in 2018. And, rightly so, this game is “stunningly beautiful” as reviewed by The Verge. Alto’s Odyssey is preceded by the successful ‘Alto’s Adventure’ which stormed the gaming world by reaching more than 36 million, just on Android. During Alto’s Odyssey, you have to guide the protagonist to sand 

surf. And, you are going to love the graphics and the music is spot on. offline mobile game. If you are into endless runner games, this offline game certainly fits your taste. 

  1. The Escapist 

The Escapist is one funny, clever game with prisoners behind the bar. The catch here is you have to make attempts and help the prisoners break out.’The Escapist’ is strategic gameplay and if you have the knack for solving puzzles, this is one game available offline that can be your escape route when you need a break. 

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