Important Features Of An Employee Recognition Software

Important Features Of An Employee Recognition Software

Finding the best employee recognition software may seem like a straightforward task. But since there are plenty of options available in the market, it can easily confuse you. If you have experienced HR Professionals in your team, they will tell you how crucial it is to find the one that best matches your needs, company, and employees.

In this blog, we will be discussing the most important features of an employee recognition software and how they can improve your employee engagement. But before we jump to that, let us first learn what employee recognition software is all about.

What is Employee Recognition Software

Employee recognition software is a platform that enables businesses to recognize and systematically reward their loyal employees. These software and apps allow you to send automated monetary rewards and messages of appreciation when an employee achieves some milestone.

You can design your app according to your business needs. There are several potential functionalities to a reward system for employees. We move forward to the next section, where we learn the essential features to look for in employee recognition software.

Employee Recognition Software Features to Look for

Every software has its own set of advantages and lackings.

The most crucial aspect of making the purchase here is not getting lost in details and emphasizing what matters. Look for features that will justify your investment and can increase your employees’ engagement rate.

Following are a few of the most critical features of employee recognition software.

  • Ease of access and use

If you are looking for an intuitive solution, then your employee recognition software should be easy to use and accessible. The most convenient way to judge that is to consider their mobile app ratings.

Naturally, millennials have become a dominant age group in the workforce around the globe, and millennials love technology. Now, if you want to ensure a successful investment, make sure that your employee recognition software is laced with all the latest technological advancements.

  • Configurability

Next up, before making the buying decision, it is vital to configure various aspects of the software. To put it simply, not only should your software offer new solutions for your existing system and brand’s growth, but it should also be customizable to your business needs.

  • Security

The most underrated aspect of employee recognition software is security. HR professionals need to protect their employee data, even if that means compromising on some of the additional features.

Your goal is to look for solutions that offer maximum data security and compliance protocols. Even if this means hiring a couple of IT and legal consultants to assist you in this area, go for it. You want your employee to feel safe by all means.

  • Integrations

Usually, your employees are not restricted to working on a single app and are accustomed to certain workplace apps. Your employee recognition software should be able to integrate with all of these apps.

If your software lacks the integrations to the basic communication apps like Slack or MS Teams, it is of no use. Another important integration is LinkedIn, which allows your employees to share their recognition certificates directly from the software.

  • The flexibility of recognition in the workplace

Arguably the most crucial feature of employee recognition software is the flexibility of your software. It would be best if you had the luxury of tweaking the software based on your company values and culture.

HR professionals need to consider your subsidiaries’ company goals and locations while choosing their reward system for employees. Multinationals also consider functionalities such as monetary or non-monetary recognition and peer-to-peer recognition.

  • Social wall

An employee recognition board or a social wall reminds your employees that a recognition program is initiated, and they should go for it. If your employees are working remotely, you need to build a virtual social wall and recognize your employee digitally.

  • Rewards features

Studies suggest that many millennials love receiving prepaid cards as a form of monetary rewards to employees. Recognition in the workplace should have all the essential rewards features and include this option for redeeming rewards.

  • Strategic support

Strategic support is a great medium to tie your recognition programs and your business goals over a long-term basis. This, in hindsight, could prove as one of the prerequisite moves for running a successful employee recognition program.

  • Integration with HRIS

HRIS is the Human Resource Information System. A good employee recognition software should smoothly integrate with your existing HRIS, on top of the basic integrations. This helps in building the credibility of the data. The employee data like your employees’ birthdays, anniversaries, and learning outcomes remain accurate this way.

Wrapping Up

The process of choosing the best suitable employee recognition software should be handled in an organized manner. Companies must include multiple personas to discuss the needs and requirements of the program. Their job is to be mindful of all the significant functionalities and features of employee recognition software.

Once they approve a certain bunch of functionalities and options, the buying process can include a pilot. This will stretch the process, and the implementation will take longer than usual but will ensure a smooth transition.

There is no denying that implementing the right employee recognition software can make massive differences in many areas of a business. In this blog, we tried to highlight and learn some of the key features that you should look for in the best employee recognition software. If you have any questions regarding the changes you can expect from using the right solution, head to our website, and we have the answers.

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