Master The Art Of Customer Video Testimonials (3)

After saving money for ages, now you are ready to splurge on the furniture you have always wanted. You have narrowed down a couple of online stores but are unsure which one you will choose to buy from? One with several customer video testimonials showcasing the furniture from all sides, stating why they picked this sofa-set above all other possibilities and raving about its color, design, and sturdiness? Or one with a vague ‘great couch’ remark in the review section.

Regardless of how excellent the latter couch is, most people would choose the former. The truth is, humans need to watch and hear the feedback from other people’s mouths. This is where Vidmonials as an excellent customer testimonial platform comes in.

Perks Of Customer Video Testimonials


We all know that a writing review is simple to create; but, making a video takes substantially more time, money, and effort. So it seems, but we’ll get back to this.

So, is it worth the investment in customer testimonial videos? Absolutely. And we have the stats to prove it:

  • Organic search traffic to a website is increased by 157 percent when videos are included. The presence of video on a website increases its chances of appearing on Google’s main page by 53 times.
  • Fifty-nine percent of executives would prefer to watch a video than reading text, and 72 percent of consumers would instead learn about a product or service via video.
  • Eighty-five percent of customers want to see more media content from companies.
  • And, online videos are expected to account for more than 80% of all household internet traffic within the following year.

We’re rapidly approaching a video-first world, and companies are swiftly catching up.

Challenges Of Making Good Customer Video Testimonials


While customer testimonial films are incredibly helpful in boosting sales, they might be difficult to generate at first since they are more in-depth than any written evaluation.

A good customer testimonial video must be of excellent quality, properly produced, and well-edited. It is essential that just about everything, from the text to the lighting design, be flawless.

You must also get your consumers on board and ensure that they discuss the essential aspects of the product or service and convey their experience in a manner that seems engaging and authentic.

Essential Features Of Customer Video Testimonials

Then, what exactly is the secret sauce to producing a fantastic customer testimonial video? Ideally, one that rapidly captures visitors’ attention and persuades them that this is precisely what they’ve been looking for, prompting them to click the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Here are three essential features of a testimonial film that performs well:

1. Highlights precise results and benefits

A high-converting customer testimonial video emphasizes specific outcomes and quantitative statistics. It discusses advantages rather than characteristics. This highly competitive climate does not lend itself to imprecise statements such as “this is an excellent product.”

There are many good services and products available, but what makes your product or service stand out? How does it meet the particular demands of your target audience? It should describe precisely why the buyer picked your product and likes it over your rivals’. It must showcase actual outcomes that your audience can connect to and is seeking.

2. Looks and feels authentic

Authenticity is critical in a customer testimonial video that generates conversions.

After all, 86 percent of customers feel authenticity is vital when determining which businesses to enjoy and support.

Consumers are astute; they can readily see through scripted and compensated suggestions. As a result, organizations must develop customer testimonial films that are honest, genuine, and originate from the heart.

3. Tells a strong story

Emotions drive people. A customer testimonial film isn’t an infographic ad for your company; it’s a means to create trust with your viewers. Storytelling comes into play here. Headstream found that consumers who liked the brand narrative were more likely to make a future purchase, were 44 percent more likely to tell others about the story and were 15% more likely to purchase immediately.

The customer testimonial video must have a story and a flow to keep the viewers engaged and not bored. Their interest is piqued as a result, and they feel more connected.

Creating Engaging Customer Video Testimonials


Generating an excellent customer testimonial video is similar to creating any other high-quality video. Consider your aims. You want people to purchase your goods, but you must first acquire their trust. Remember that while you’re writing your video screenplay.

  • A simple but strong script

The secret to creating the most effective videos is to write a grand narrative. Your customer testimonial video should be well-structured and well-flowing.

Here’s an example of a simple structure:

Introduction: This is where the consumer discusses their problems and why they need your product or service.

Middle: The consumer explains why they picked your brand above all the others available.

Conclusion: The consumer concludes by addressing how their demands were addressed and whether or not they are happy with your goods.

  • Send questions beforehand

Customers are not generally professional performers. Thus they need preparation time. Send them a set of questions to assist them in coming up with an excellent answer. Some questions you might ask them are as follows:

  • Why were you looking for this product/service in the first place?
  • What were your disappointments and pain areas as a result of it?
  • Describe how this product/service made your life easier.
  • What concrete benefits did you get as a consequence of it? Any precise information would be much appreciated.

Inform your client or consumer about your video ideas and how you want to film them. This might take place in person or by video conference call. Suggestions on what to dress, where to look, and how to talk would be appreciated as well.

  • Ensure image and sound quality is spot on

Your video’s resolution is the most critical factor in determining whether your video will succeed. As a result, you’ll want to demonstrate that you pay attention to every detail to your audience.

To do this, ensure that your pictures are sharp and clear, that your voice is entirely audible, and there is little background noise. The quality mic may be purchased reasonably and are well worth utilizing.

A recently conducted study has shown that captioned videos get a 40 percent increase in views.

Wrapping up

Overall, making well-produced customer video testimonials might be significantly more powerful and cost-effective than spending thousands of dollars on sponsored advertising.

What influences your purchasing choice or how you view a brand? Do you think you’ll be more likely to buy a product after seeing a video with a customer testimonial? This indicates that it is past time for you and your company to create some of your own. And don’t forget about video editing software in Vidmonials, which you’ll need as well.

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