A challenge for the Modern World – No smartphone day

A challenge for the Modern World – No smartphone day

Smartphones have become part of everyone’s life in the recent world. People are almost attached to this little electronic device due to its beneficial functionalities. And such effective functions of the smartphone are enough to get into our minds, and it also controls our lives to a great extent.

For many people, the first and last thing they do in the morning when they wake up and before closing our eyes is interacting with the smartphone. Smartphones can be used for multiple purposes like music playing, calculators, Maps, journals, books, shops, dictionaries, banks, shops, etc. Almost for doing each and everything in our life, we depend on smartphones.

Do you think you could stay without a smartphone? Can you accept the challenge of No smartphone day? This challenge is the new and modern-day challenge where people need to avoid the use of smartphones at least for a day. But do you think it is possible to say no to the smartphone for a day? If yes, then you could be the best fit for this popular and effective challenge.

Smartphones have made our life dependent as this small rectangular shaped device could easily manage to replace so many technologies. But you must have noticed that with the excess use of smartphones you may feel more anxious and less focused. Hence the challenge no smartphone day could help you to reconsider your lifestyle. 

How to succeed in the challenge of No smartphone day?

If you want to win the challenge “No smartphone day,” then there is a certain essential thing that you must practice like do not access any apps or social media platforms. Turn off the social notification from twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social apps. Keep your phone in your pocket, or you may turn off the phone when you are with family. It will be best if you do not get your phone out while meeting your friends. You could imagine a day without a smartphone as there are many benefits associated with this challenge. 

Some of the effective benefits of “No smartphone day” are mentioned below:-

  • When you choose to say no to your smartphone for a day, then you may notice that your day will be more productive. For some people, the smartphone is a distraction, so you could easily focus on your work without a smartphone. It could make you more focused on your day to day activities.
  • Avoiding a smartphone for a day could help you to connect with people around you, and you could be entertained. The smartphone could create a distance between you and the people around you. Hence if you stop using your smartphone for a day, you could notice the people around.
  • With no smartphone day, you could enjoy being alone, and you could take a break. You could really find joy when you are engaged in an activity that you select. And you could also get a chance to spend time with yourself; it will help you to understand what your needs are in your life. 
  • The smartphone comes with multiple benefits, and that’s the reason it had made our life easier. Hence without a smartphone, it may be hard for you to adjust. But it would be best if you did not get addicted to a smartphone as it could prevent you from doing your day to day activity and could make you lazy. “No smartphone day” could be an effective choice for you as it could reduce the excessive use of a smartphone.

It could be hard for you to go for the “No smartphone day” challenge, but you must once try it to get the benefits of this challenge.


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