The concept of unmetered dedicated servers

The general perception is that it is only the small businesses that require the agencies like WeHaveServers for their needs of dedicated servers. This perspective has been formed because of the fact that small businesses lack the resources to have a proper server facility for their business. That perception is partially true because the servers require a huge amount of investment.

But that is not the complete case. There are other complexities involved as well, such as maintenance, security, and updating. This is why even big businesses employ the services of outsourcing agencies who provide the facility of a dedicated server. But these big businesses don’t use the limited bandwidth servers but the unmetered servers.


The issue is that when you have a limited bandwidth server, then you have a limitation in terms of proper website service. These servers are actually a shared space and this bandwidth speed is actually shared between multiple users thus leading to more downtime and lesser security.

The limited bandwidth is a good choice for small businesses because they are not exponent yet, but when they will grow they will need a better space. The big businesses/websites cannot function on these limited bandwidth servers.

The concept

Unmetered bandwidth servers provide unlimited bandwidth. It is like a dedicated connection for a particular website. There is no limit as to what speed can these servers go to thus providing an uninterrupted service of the website. These servers are much more capable of handling the data of big websites as compared to a shared space.


The core of the matter doesn’t even lie with the limited bandwidth, but rather the other complexities that are attached to maintaining a dedicated server. The fact is simple, a business becomes big when it only focuses on the thing that it actually does.

There is no need for a business to focus its resources on setting up a separate dedicated server for their websites. There are agencies out there that can handle businesses of any scale. All you need to do is to identify a good agency.


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