7 Insanely Useful Superpowers of PPC Advertising
7 Insanely Useful Superpowers of PPC Advertising

Although PPC advertising has been around since 2003, few people know of its powerful abilities. Of course, PPC advertising isn’t a superhero in itself. But it can help you become one, with its incredible ability to place your business at the top of your industry’s search engine results pages (SERPs). If you want to discover how to use PPC advertising effectively, keep reading to find out about 7 of its superpowers. Superpower #1: It takes on many forms From keyword-based bidding to device-based bidding. PPC Company advertising comes in many different forms.


When building an effective marketing campaign, your number one priority should be to get as close to your target customer as possible. With paid search, you can target ads based on specific keywords or device type—meaning that when someone searches Google for lawyer they see your ad before any other legal service advertising. And because you pay only when someone clicks on your ad (rather than paying for impressions), targeting means you’re only wasting money on people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. It’s like sending a message in a bottle directly into their lap!


The campaign is your actual ad copy, which can consist of text ads, image ads and video ads. Campaigns are created to target specific keyword phrases (or clicks) that you want to show up on.

Ad group

What are Ad groups? An ad group, in short, is a collection of ads and keywords. Why should you use them? Because they make it easier to keep your messaging focused and consistent. For example, if you’re a hotel that serves breakfast, you might create an ad group called Breakfast Package with two or three ads and some keywords underneath them all. This way, if people search for things like Las Vegas Breakfast Buffet (and not just breakfast buffet), those two extra words will help your ad show up instead of a competitor’s.

Landing page

Another common misconception is that online advertising doesn’t directly impact your brand’s performance. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If your landing page is an afterthought, you will see poor results from your investment in pay-per-click advertising. A poorly constructed landing page can destroy all of your efforts. Even if you have a great offer and highly compelling ad copy. It will have no value if people aren’t compelled to make a purchase immediately after they click on your ad. This means that when designing a landing page for PPC advertisements, both design and utility should be top priorities.


Your own metrics are better than your competitors. This is simple, really. If you want to know what makes a difference in your business and what you should focus on, look at what works for you (and doesn’t). Now that might be counter-intuitive: of course I should work on things that work, you say! But when it comes to learning about successful advertising campaigns and marketing tactics other businesses use—and then using them for yourself—the common sense approach doesn’t always hold up. There are a lot of reasons why people go out and buy software products or do research on ad agencies based on numbers that don’t matter. But they’re focused on doing well in business rather than succeeding in business.


Creatives are your advertisements and marketing material. Every digital marketing campaign needs a solid set of creatives to attract users who are most likely to convert for you. For example, if you’re launching a mobile app, a Facebook video ad will be best for attracting mobile users. The more relevant your creatives are to your audience. The more likely they are to use them in their digital experiences. Depending on what you’re trying to sell and how much money you have available. There is no limit on how many creatives you can create—but it is important that they all point back toward one goal: conversion.

Conversion optimization

Having a high conversion rate is like having superpowers. On top of everything else, it makes everything you do in advertising more effective—it increases your click-through rates. Lowers your cost per acquisition and makes your customer lifetime value higher. If you’re already doing conversion optimization on a continuous basis, stop reading here. You’re already ahead of 95%+ companies. Who aren’t doing any sort of testing to see what converts best for them or how their customers respond to their ads. Remember: You can’t improve something that never changes. If you know what works but don’t change anything on an ongoing basis, there will be no performance improvements.

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